Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lakoff, "Political Correctness" and Hate Speech [Enlarged]


Joaquín Primo said...

Given that my presentation on Lakoff's paper was definitely incomplete and lacking information on more than the second half of the paper (basically because I worked on it in a rush and at the last minute), I thought it might be interesting to add up some information covering the aspects which I left out at first, so that we may all have a much broader perspective about hate speech and political correctness. I am very sorry if I cause any inconvenience, and hope that this second presentation is helpful to us all!

Clara Lucía Tronch Ilzarbe said...

In my opinion, applying Austin's and Lakoff's theories on speech act, our Spanish legal procedures would be very much based on Austin's view of speech acts as actions rather than in Lakoff's. An example could be "un delito por injurias" that, of course, is just a speech act. What dou you think?

Patricia Bou said...

Thanks everyone for your contributions :)
Could you please take a look at my comment to the entry "un delito por injurias" posted by Clara?