Thursday, 29 April 2010

Curious!!! Austin or Lakoff? DELITO POR INJURIAS.ECUADOR

According to what Joaquín Primo Pacheco presented in class on speech act theory, I have found of much interest an example that, from my point of view, exemplifies the Austin-Lakoff disagreement on their views of what a speech act. Furthermore this youtube entrance shows how sociolinguistics affect not only the bibliography we got to finish our studies (oh, we'r almost in the end ,come on! one last effort mates!!! ) but also our daily grind and, such powerful areas as politics, in which language is used (not to say manipulated) in order to keep power.

Clara Lucía Tronch (2009-2010)


Patricia Bou said...

Clara, thanks so much for posting the video and relating it to our discussion of political correctness.
Let me point out a misunderstanding here. Lakoff does agree with Austin in that through words we do things, ie.if we use hate speech we're actually hurting somebody, so words are actions and, bad actions deserve some punishment.
Lakoff claims that if we support the idea that hate speech is not hurtful, we're going against what every linguist knows thanks to Austin: words = social actions.

So, how would you relate this videoclip with Austin's views and Lakoff's use of such views to fight against hate speech?

Clara Lucía Tronch Ilzarbe said...

Well, now I think I can give an answer and,yes, it was a GREAT confusion the one I got on the topic. Yes, I think we coul relate this video clip both with Austin and Lakoff in the sense that a new law wants not to take into account speech as an act. This new law doesn´t want to punish for what we, spanish know as"un delito por injurias". Is that like this? THank you !