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State abbreviation: GA

Nicknames: Peach State;
Empire State of the South

Capital City: Atlanta

US Region: Southeast


- North: Tennessee, North Carolina

- East: Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina

- West: Alabama

- South: Florida

Flag: The Georgia flag has three red and white stripes and the state coat of arms on a blue field in the upper left corner.Thirteen stars surrounding the seal denotes Georgia's position as one of the original thirteen colonies. On the seal three pillars supporting an arch represent the three branches of government; legislative, judicial and executive. A man with sword drawn is defending the Constitution, whose principles are wisdom, justice and moderation. The date 1776 represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Flag adopted May 8th, 2003.

Flower: Cherokee Rose

Bird: The Brown Thrasher

Tree: Live oak

Motto: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

Important cities: Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Macon

Agriculture: Poultry and eggs, peanuts,
cattle, hogs,
dairy products, vegetables

Industry: Textiles and apparel,
transportation equipment,

food processing, chemical products,

electric equipment, tourism

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