Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Symbols Project - Greta Nusshart

This photograph shows me, Greta Nusshart, in front of the Palace of Westminster when I spend my holiday in London in 2007. I really enjoyed exploring the city and its sights.

General information

The Palace of Westminster lies on the north bank of the Thames river in the borough of Westminster and is also known as the Houses of Parliament. In this building of high historical significance the bicameral Parliament consisting of the House of Lords and the House of Commons meets to conduct the business.

Historical and Present-Day Significance:

The complex of buildings consists of two parts. The oldest part, the medieval Westminster Hall, dates from 1097. It was built for Edward the Confessor and afterwards enlarged by William the Conqueror. Originally, the palace served as a primary royal residence for the Kings of England though no monarch has lived in it since the 16th century, more precisely, since a fire has destructed almost the entire building in 1512.

Most of what we see today, however, dates from the 19th century: after another big fire and a great destruction in 1834, the palace had to be rebuilt almost entirely. However, it has retained much of its original style and its status as a royal residence for ceremonial purposes.

Since 1970, the Palace of Westminster has been a Grade I listed building and in 1987, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nowadays, the Palace is one of the centres of political life in the United Kingdom and therefore of high historical and political importance for the country.






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Patricia Bou said...

Thank you Greta. Westminster is indeed of great political interest!