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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Me visiting Ambleside

Hola hola!
I’m Roxanna and this is me in the Lake District in North West England. It is a photo taken in a village called Ambleside which I have visited in March this year with the International Society. It’s a lovely place with beautiful mountains, massive lakes, big houses and stunning views. As you’ve probably noticed I’m pretty much in doubt about what it actually is. We asked the locals and it turned out to be a 2nd century Roman fort built under Hadrian’s rule. (Famous for the Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England going all the way from East to West) This fort was probably used as a storage of food and alcohol. On the same field you can find more bits and pieces of this period of time. The fort is built on a very strategic place. A defence and observation post overlooking the ocean were built next to where this photo was taken. It’s an interesting place with lots of history. A bit chilly, but defenitely worthwhile a vist when going there and to learn more about the Roman Empire.


Blogger Patricia Bou said...

Thank you! I was there in July too but didn't visit this site!
I won't miss it the next time I go to the LD. :)

20 September 2011 at 10:45  

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