Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lord Protector and After

A History of Britain

Schama, Simon. A History of Britain. BBC Series, vol. 3. “Revolutions”


  1. Cromwell called himself” a seeker”; He sought …
  2. Was John Milton a royalist or a supporter of Cromwell (OC, henceforth)?
  3. Who was John Lilburn, the leveller?
  4. What did leveller women organize?
  5. What were the Puritan expectations of women and why were they astounded at leveller women?
  6. OC and Ireland. What happened at Drogheda?
  7. The Stuart dream of a unified Britain – which had started the Civil Wars – had come to an end because OC had made that dream come true – however, not as a united kingdom of Britain but as a …
  8. What is the “Rump Parliament”?
  9. Why did OC shut down parliament in 1653 (coup d’etat)?
  10. He was a king in all but name; his actual title was...
  11. Any good from OC’s days?
  12. 1661, King Charles II was crowned. How is the court described?
  13. 1665 à bubonic plagues / The Great Plague.
  14. What put an end to the Great Plague in London?
  15. After a surge of anti-catholic feeling, how did William of Orange become king?
  16. What is the “Glorious Revolution”?
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