Monday, 21 November 2011

Project One: Victorian Literature


1. Which of these movements did not emerge during the Victorian Era?

a) Marxism
b) Darwinism
c) Materialism
d) Abolitionism

Answer: Abolitionism.

2. The industrialisation process was largely due to improvements in steam engine technology.

True or False?

Answer: True.

3. Which author said the following phrase?

"Man for the field and woman for the hearth, man for the sword and for the needle she, man with the head and woman with the heart, man to command and women to obey."

a) Alfred Lord Tennyson
b) Lewis Carroll
c) Oscar Wilde
d) Charles Dickens

Answer: Alfred Lord Tennyson.

4. The Water Babies, by Charles Dickens, is often considered as a catalyst for the passing of the Married Women's Property Act (1887).

True or False?

Answer: False.

(Group members: Annabel Kay, Ernesto Maravilla, Laura Pons, Rut Villar)

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