Sunday, 14 October 2012

Washington Capitol

 The Washington Capitol is one of the most famous and interesting works of architecture of the U.S.A.   as well as one of its most symbolic locations. It is the home of the US Congress and of the federal government.
It was built in 1793, the first rock being set by no other than George Washington. It has been set on fire by the English during the 19th century, and its dome has been rebuilt since then. The interior of the Capitol is decorated in Victorian style, and holds 540 chambers distributed among five floors. 

One of the most attractive parts of the Capitol is the inside of the dome, which is sort of an art gallery. The most important piece of art stands right in the center of the dome, and is called the Apotheosis of Washington, an enormous fresco painted by Constantino Brumidi in 1865. Its creation took over 11 months, finished at the end of the Civil War. The fresco represents Washington’s apotheosis, that is, he becomes a god. He is surrounded by figures from classical mythology, such as the goddesses Liberty and Victoria and other 13 maidens, making this fresco an excellent example of an allegory and making it a beacon of hope and freedom for all Americans.

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