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Southwest of America


The American Southwest contains more than its fair share of natural wonders: The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and Carls bad Caverns National Park are just three of the most famous natural attractions from all over the worldf. Te region is home to a wonderful and vibrant mix of anglo, latino, hispanic and American Indian traditions making it one of the more diverse and interesting corners American in both history, landscape and culture. Parts of California, Colorado and Texas are usually considered to be part os the "Southwest".

The culture of the Southern United States, is a subculture of the US that is America's most distinct. It has been and remains generally more socially conservative than that of the rest of the country because of the central role of agriculture in the antebellum economy, society remained stratified according to land ownership. Communities often developed strong attachment to their churches as the primary community institution. From its many cultural influences, the South developed its own unique customs, literature, cuisine and musical styles.

The ancestral people inhabited the Four Corners aerea of the Southwest. They are believed to have been the original inhabitants of what are now the Hopi villages of Walpi and Old Oraibi in Arizona and the village of Ancoma in New Mexico. These three villages have the distinction of being the oldest continuously occupied villages in Nort America.

Many of the tribes living in the Southwest today are relatively recent arrivals. Beginning in the 14th Century.

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