Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The evolution of rock music in the 2nd half of the 20th century

1)Which were the aspects that influenced the development of rock in the 50's?

a)The increase of the purchaising power of teenagers.
b)The creation of new instruments.
c)The apparition of an adecuate public.

2) Who was the brighest star in the period of Rockabilly?

a)Beach Boys
b)The Beatles
c)Elvis Presley

3)What kind of music appeared from the mix of Pop and Jazz?


4)Which was the most famous single of Queen in the 70's?

a)Bohemian Rapshody
b)I Want to Break Free
c)The Show Must Go On

5)Who was the best known performer of Grunge?

a)Ottis Redding
b)Linkin Park


-Marta Andrés Martínez

-Egle Medisauskaite

-Juana Mª Valcárcel Valerio

-Jorge Díaz Pozo

-Cristina Mena López

English Studies
1st Course
Group AA

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