Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Women's Liberation


- In what ways did the role of women change in the 20th Century?

- What is the most important work of Mary Wollstonecraft ?

a) The Female Reader

b) Frankenstein

c) Vindication of th Rights of Women

d) Thoughts on Education of Daughters

- What social isssues considered tabu in the USA did Betty Friedan protest against?

a) sex, education, abortion choice, street violence

b) Pornography, abortion choice, domestic violence, education

c) Domestic violence, education, work, lesbianism

d) Abortion choice, domestic violence, pornography, lesbianism

- What is the influence of the WWII in the women’s liberation?

Esther Ayora

Cristina garcía

Ainoa Hervás

Marta Segura

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