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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Canterbury Cathedral


This is a photograph from the cathedral of Canterbury. It has been traditionally one of the most important religious centres of UK. In the Middle Ages the cathedral was a pilgrimage place and an economic centre (it is nowadays a World Heritage Site).

It was built in a Romanesque and Gothic style with three different towers (the highest of 72 metres). The monument is intimately related with the history of England, its foundations date from the year 597 A.D.

We have to highlight (between all the facts that happened in the monument) the murder of the archbishop Thomas Becket by the knights of the King Henry II in 1170. The King had a big rivalry on him and he ordered his death.

The cathedral is the main tourist point of the town, a small portion of peace in England that ha been the scenario for the book Canterbury Tales from Chaucer and other literary works.



Blogger Patricia Bou said...

Thanks Satur. The Cathedral looks so grand!

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