Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Witchcraft Trials Questions

1- What was the name of the war between the Eastward settlers and the Wakanabi Indians?
a) The War of The Three Kingdoms
b) The War of Hudson’s Bay
c) King William’s War
d) The War of Independence

2- Who was the governor of Massachusetts during the witchcraft trails?
a) William Bradford
b) Jonathan Edwards
c) William Phips
d) Edmund Andros

3- The two families in conflict were the Putnam and the Porter families. True/False

4- 66 people were executed during the trials. True/False

5- Jealousy and envy were two possible motifs of witchcraft accusation. True/False

6- Which of these diseases can provide a medical explanation about the reported afflictions?
a) Flu
b) Syphilis
c) Epilepsy
d) None of these

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