Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Group Members: Sara Peralta Feltrer, Raül Martínez Gullón and Víctor J. Reyes Mínguez

Questions on "Blacks in the Revolutionary War"

1. True or False:

- The slaves fought besides the whites because they felt the same feeling of independence.
- All slaves that participated in the war got their freedom after that.
- Peter Salem was so-called "Spy for the Cause".
- British were the first enlisting African-Americans in the army.
- The most important black patriotic regiment was part of Pennsylvania colony.

2. Which of these was not an independentist:

a) Lord Dunmore
b) Joseph Murray
c) James Armistead

3. Which of the following was not a loyalist:

a) Boston King
b) Titus Cornelius
c) Crispus Attucks

4. The main reason for the war was:

a) Unfair taxes to pay to Britain
b) Allowed slavery in the new world but not in Europe.
c) Religion differences among Americans

Bibliography and Images


- Emmerich, Roland. The Patriot (2000)


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