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Midwest United States

United States Regions: Midwest

Midwestern (Midwest) :The region consists of twelve states in the north-central United States:

Population and Culture
A 2006 Census Bureau estimate put the population at 66,217,736.
This region was settled by people of various nationalities, including Germans, Swedes and Norwegians, and is referred to as America's Heartland.
The Republican Party started here to stop the spread of slavery in the new states. This was the first region in the country that was antislavery.

Places Of Interest Famous SitesThings to Do 

Chicago, Illinois, the nation's third largest city, is the region's major city. There you can see Sear's Tower, one of the country's tallest buildings. Other major cities are Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, and St. Louis.

North Dakota has more wildlife refuges than any other state, with bountiful bison, antelope and bighorn sheep, as well as hundreds of different bird species.
People from all over the world travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, or to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs to see what these ancient giants were like.

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