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The Southeast is famous for its soft weather, its typical style for cooking and the hospitality of the habitants of this region. Its landscapes which are famous around the world are, for example, the beautiful sandy beaches and the snowing mountains.

This region is composed of these states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

All of them have some specific features:
- Alabama is home to the International Motor Sport Hall of Fame, and it boasts beautiful mountains in the north which invite you to do hiking.
- Florida is called the “Sunshine State” due to its beautiful beaches and it’s renowned for the Disney World. Its major city is Miami.
- Georgia has beautiful landscapes which make it a visual delight.
- Louisiana has the most famous town in the southern state: New Orleans. It’s the home of the music and riverboat rides.
- Mississippi is renowned for the Mississippi River which is known to the world for its references in some films.
- North Carolina is a good destination for camping due to its Blue Ridge Mountains, and for visit important landmarks, museums and parks.
- South Carolina has the highest number of golf courses: 330, and also it has the historic cities of Charleston and Columbia.
- Tennessee has two important cities due to their music: Memphis, which is called the Birthplace of Rock ’n’ Roll, and Nashville, which is considerate the home of country music.

The people of this region have a conservative culture in general. Because of this, the agriculture plays a key role in which is an important part in the region’s economy.

In addition, Southeast’s people have a peculiar view of churches: they think that a church is the main institution of the community.

You can recognize a Southeast’s person because they are friendly, hospitality and generous with the tourists and with the foreign people.

Southern American English can be divided into different sub-dialects, with different lan-guages between, for example, the Appalachian region and the "lowland “around Charleston (South Carolina) and Savannah (Georgia).

Cristina García Serrano
Universidad de Valencia
Curso: 2010/2011
Grado en Estudios Ingleses

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