Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wester United States


-Hawaii is the unique place on the Asian Americans white is higher than the number of the American residents.

-California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have large Hispanic populations, as well as Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

-In Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Colorado Springs and parts of Arizona, we can find the most American west black population.

-Alaska has a lot of national Parks and wildlife’s shelters.

-The second largest city in the nation, Los Angeles is best known as the home of the Hollywood film industry; this area also was a major center for the aerospace industry by World War II. And this is the place where more population is.


-Talking about culture, the Old West it is known by its history and legends of cowboys, cowgirls and also de Native Americans (their battles against European settlers)

-Interesting facts of the American Indians are the religious practices, dances of different tribes and their art, specially the handmade jewellery.

-Western saloon: kind of bar which customers were cowboys, soldiers, fur trappers and miners. Sometimes they offered dancing girls, poker, and usually incorporated piano players to entertain the customers


María Roldán Espuig y Clara Aloy Mayo, gr. AA

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