Thursday, 10 February 2011


The following points contain the main information about geography, history, population, ethnicity and industry of this area of the US:

. The Southwestern United States is a region that includes nearly a quarter of the United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. The total population of these states are roughly 19 million people.

. With the European colonization of the Americas; New Spain, later to become Mexico, was dominant until the 19th century. With Manifest Destiny, United States gradually gained control over the west.

. There were a very large population of Native American tribes in the southwestern states. Some of the larger and more popular ones were the Ute, Navajo, Apache, Comanche, Paiute, Hopi, and the Anasazi.

. The Southwest is ethnically varied, with significant Anglo American and Hispanic American populations in addition to more regional African American, Asian American, and Native American populations.

. The three main industries of this area are: natural gas, wheat, farming and mining.


María Lenze Juliá, AA group.

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