Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ethnic minorities in US in the 20th Century: Fighting for equality


1. Why did Afro-Americans move from the South to the North in the twenties?
Looking for a job
b. Due to health problems
c. Because of a government decision

2. The most numerous ethnic group in US is:
a. Asian
b. Black
c. Native American

3. Rosa Parks became an important figure for:
a. Her song: Strabge Fruit
b. Denying to give up her bus seat
c. Delivering an important speec

4. Martin Luther King's most famous speech was delivered in:
a.Montgomery, Alabama
b. New York
c. Washington during the march

5. The arrival of Obama to the US presidency has resulted in:
a. The soulition of racial discrimination
b. An equality between the same number of white and black judges at courts
c. One more step for fighting against racial discrimination


Calabuig Bono, Mª José
Gil Esparza, Augusta María
Patón Gómez, Sara
Picazo García, Miriam
Pomer Cañizares, Marta

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