Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tea Time

1. How was the tea discovered?

a. By a magician
b. By a Chinese emperor
c. By merchant ships

2. Which emperor discovered the tea?

a. Shen Nung
b. Alejandro Magno
c. By Charles V emperor

3. How was the tea transported after the end of the end of the East India Company?

a. By the king’s boats
b. By clippers
c. By pirates

4. Which types of tea have we mentioned in the video?

a. Black, red, white, green, oolong and yellow tea
b. Black, red, pu-her tea, and green tea
c. Black, white, green and oolong tea

Clara Aloy Mayo

Carmen Moncho Puchol

Blanca Milián Hernández

Carla Moret Garzón

Sara Fornas Martínez

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