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Friday, 6 May 2011


1-When was the Hippie generation born?

a) In the early 50s

b)In the early 30s

c) In the early 70s

2-Which was the Hippie’s ideology?

Being strict and materialists.

Judging people on appearances.

Freedom, peace and love.

3-Whicha area of the world was being supported in a war by the US government in the 60s?

a) North Vietnam

b) South Vietnam

c) Afghanistan

4-On August 26th, 1970 the National Organization for Women called for:

a) The end of Vietnam War.

b) Free use of drugs.

c) Women’s strike for Equality.

5- What were Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison famous for?

a) They were all famous alcoholics in the 70s.

b) They were musicians that never reached stardom.

c) Their chronic drug use led them to death.

Members of the group:

Henar Antequera Beltran.

Elena Biosca Bas.

Sofía Framalico.

Monika Kubiak.

Andrea Tarazona Arnau.


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