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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thanksgiving day


1 - When did the celebration of Thanksgiving Day begin? Who started it?

a) Pilgrims, 1621
b) French people, 1583
c) Mexican people, 1700

2 - Which president established Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday?

a) Abraham Lincoln.
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt.
c) George W. Bush.

3 - Wh
at was the first ballon used in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

a) Turboman
b) Felix the Cat
c) Snoopy

4 - What does Black Friday mean to the Americans?

a) The beginning of the summer shopping season.
b) The celebration of the Great Crash.
c) The beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

5 - Where is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

a) China, USA, Poland and Pakistan
b) Canada, the Netherlands, Liberia, Usa and Norfork Island
c) Mexico, Canada and Spain.


Irene Lull Cerezo
Marina Rodrigo Fernández
Pau Tena Andrés
Joanna Fossati López
Manuel Barberá López



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