Thursday, 24 November 2011

Project one: China, Britain, and America - A History of their Relations

Group members: Leticia Badía, Luisa Giordano, Jonas Sancho

Questions: (in slideshare)

1. Which event caused the Second Opium War?
a. The promulgation of a law which punished every person who was found trading or consuming opium.
b. The attack of the ship The Arrow from the part of the Chinese authorities.
c. The fact that China was not interested in English goods.
d. The legalization of opium.

2. British-Chinese treaties were called "unequal treaties" because China had no obligations in return.

3. When did the United States fall into a depression and resentment against the Chinese first started?
a. 1862
b 1759
c. 1883

4. Chinese is one of the major sources of borrowings into English

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