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Is a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consiting of the six states of:


-New Hampshire



-Rhode Island


History: In one of the earliest European settlements in North America, Pilgrims from England first settle in New England in 1620, to form Plymouth Colony. Ten years later, the Puritans settled north of Plymouth Colony in Boston, thus forming Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. In the late 18th century, the New England Colonies took the lead in combating Bristish efforts to impose new taxes without the consent of the colonists. The British responded with the Coercive Acts, stripping the colonies from self-government. The confrontation led to open warfare in 1775, the expulsion of the British from New England in spring 1776 and the Declaration of Indepence in July 1776.

Culture: New England is well known to people across the Unites States as well as around the world as a beautiful and distinctly America region rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

For visitors and vacationers, the region presents four distinct seasonal personalities:

- Lush summers to explore beaches

-Brilliant autumns to drive lazily through the mountains blanketed

-Crystal-sharp winters to ski perfect mountains

-Verdant springs to get a head start on some cool day hikes in the countryside

New England entertaiments also include wonderful dining on regional specialities from steamed lobster to clam chowder to Boston baked beans. Through the region, gift and craft shops offer local products from fine furnitures to gourmet chocolate.
By: María José Calabuig Bono

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