Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hello everyone!

This is a rather funny picture of me and some friends on Brighton Beach, right next to the Brighton Pier (I am the third from the left). We were there for a 3-day school trip to England, during which we all stayed at host families. We saw most of the important buildings and sites during that trip, but this picture is the only suitable one that I could find. I guess we only took silly pictures.

Brighton Beach is England’s most famous beach, and it is visited by many tourists. However, you shouldn’t go there to sunbathe. Brighton Beach doesn’t have sand but pebbles, and of course the weather isn’t all that great. But there are loads of restaurants, bars, clubs and shops right at the beachfront for you to visit, and also the main touristic attraction: the Brighton Pier.

The Brighton Pier (also called Palace Pier) is a 524 metres long pleasure pier, with amusement halls, attractions, bars and restaurants in which you can get the famous fish and chips. I also included a picture of the Pier from the internet so you can see what it looks like.

Nele De Pauw

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