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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Listen to the song





Blogger Annabel Kay Ruiz said...

I looked up this song online and I had no idea that so many artists have recorded cover versions of it! (U2, Sinead O'Connor etc.)

Following along the Irish theme, I found a website about some of Dublin's famous literary figures which I found interesting: http://www.dublintourist.com/literary_dublin/.

On another website, I came across what is thought to be Ireland’s first “poem,” spoken by Amairgin the Gael as he first set foot in Ireland:

The Mystery

I am the wind which breathes upon the sea,
I am the wave of the ocean,
I am the murmur of the billows,
I am the ox of the seven combats,
I am the vulture upon the rocks,
I am a beam of the sun,
I am the fairest of plants,
I am a wild boar in valor,
I am a salmon in the water,
I am a lake in the plain,
I am a word of science,
I am the point of the lance of battle,
I am the God who created in the head the fire.
Who is it who throws light into the meeting on the mountain?
Who announces the ages of the moon?
Who teaches the place where couches the sun?
(If not I)

Translated by Douglas Hyde (folklorist and first president of the Republic of Ireland)


On the same site you can find quite a lot of information about Irish myths and legends as well.

Lastly, I would like to share a short poem about Ireland, written by Gwen Dickerson in 2006:

I must visit Ireland
Its call pervades my brain
Flooding me with feelings
Of aching love and pain

I shall gaze upon its lush lands
Entranced within its spell
Engrossed in tales of "wee folk"
And those of "Banshee wails"

I'll bring to mind its famine
Where many folk did die
I'll linger and I'll ponder
Tragedies of life . . . and why?

Visit, I must, to Ireland
To that land of emerald green
Paying tribute to those departed
And a country's future dream.


22 September 2011 at 22:17  
Blogger Patricia Bou said...

Thank you, Annabel. It's beautiful.

BTW, just added a LIST OF LINKS called Ireland and included this link


23 September 2011 at 17:18  

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